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Morupule Coal Mine
Morupule Coal Mine (MCM) is a 100% Debswana subsidiary located about 14 km west of Palapye in Eastern Botswana along the main Palapye/Serowe road.
To be a leading coal energy business
We mine coal and deliver energy for the benefit of our stakeholders in a sustainable manner
Core Values
Safety, Passion, Caring, Excellence, Working Together, Growth
First Production
MCM started production in 1973 as an Anglo American Corporation subsidiary with the main objective being to supply coal to the then Bamangwato Concessions Limited Mine (now BCL) and BPC power plant situated in Selebi Phikwe.  In 2000 Debswana acquired MCM as its 100% owned subsidiary and it has since grown both in stature and production to be a dominant influence in the coal mining sector in the country.
The Coalfield and Reserves
It is estimated that MCM has reserves of approximately 2.91bn tons within the #01 & #02 seams and total inferred inventory coal resources are estimated to be 12bn tons for all seams on within the total mining lease area.  The deepest #01 seam, is the thickest and most consistently developed and is also currently the only seam being exploited.
MCM on Safety, Health and the Environment
MCM values the safety of its employees and for this reason we have positioned safety as our number one core value.  We have instigated numerous management and employee safety related programs and initiatives aimed at positive behavioural change resulting in comparably low industry injury frequency rates.  In addition, MCM is ISO 14001 certified and is currently seeking its OHSAS 18001 certification.
The Expansion Phase
The main customer for MCM’s thermal coal is the adjacent Botswana Power Corporation (“BPC”); with supply historically going to the existing 150mw Morupule ”A” Power Station.  South Africa has long advised of its intention to gradually terminate export of power to Botswana. This has resulted in BPC constructing a new 600mw power station.  MCM rose to this national challenge for power supply and executed its own Phase I expansion project that resulted in a threefold increase in installed capacity to 3.4mtpa.
The scope of the project covered infrastructural as well as capacity upgrades leading to the main ventilation system upgraded to 600m3/s, the introduction of 2 new continuous miner sections, an entirely new surface screening and crushing plant and associated auxiliary engineering and support infrastructure and services.  MCM has successfully completed this expansion project and is poised to meet the Nation’s demand for power through the supply of coal to BPC.
Morupule Coal Mine: The mine transports coal to the adjacent Power Station via conveyour belt
Washed Coal
In 2007 MCM commissioned a coal washing plant and subsequently now supplies washed coal in addition to thermal coal. The Grade “A” washed coal is sold both locally and into the SADC region where it is consumed by other coal fired power stations, various industrial users and is an alternative to coking coal in metallurgical processes due to its low sulphur and phosphorous content. Exports into regional markets continue to grow and this gives rise to economic growth, employment opportunities and benefits for the surrounding community in which MCM operates.
The Future Ahead
Since the successful completion of its Phase I expansion, MCM continues to explore its vast reserves and is currently undertaking further exploratory and investigative work (Phase II expansion) with the objective of establishing an open pit mine in the northern boundary of its mining lease area to meet the additional regional and overseas markets’ demand for coal.
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