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About Us

​​​​About Debswana​​

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ "The diamond mines were a Godsend, and rapidly transformed the economy, increasing the revenue of the country from less than P10 million a year at Independence to over a billion today." - The then Honourable Minister of Mineral Resources and Water Affairs, Mr A.M Mogwe, 1990.

Debswana is the largest private sector e​​mployer in Botswana, with more than 4 000 staff members. These are mainly found on mining sites, along with just over 5 000 fixed-term contractors and a small staff complement at the Debswana Corporate Centre in Gaborone, Botswana’s capital. Diamond mining operations are located at Orapa, Letlhakane, Damtshaa (OLDM) and Jwaneng. These four mines have contributed significantly to the economic growth of Botswana, as well as producing revenues responsible for lifting the country from one of Africa’s least developed to an international development success story. Botswana is now a middle-income country independent in means as well as name.

Debswana also owns and operates the Morupule Coal Mine. Debswana is a key player in the national economy of Botswana. In 2014, diamond exports accounted for about half of government revenues and a third of GDP.​

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 Our Subsidiaries

As a major industrial player and contributor to the Botswana economy, Debswana subscribes to the philosophy that its entrepreneurial success should be underpinned by social and economic responsibility. The Company aspires to play an active role in the long term economic growth of the country.

Sesiro Insurance Company

This short term insurance company was formed in June 2000 to issue insurance policies protecting Debswana’s assets, business interruptions, liabilities, securiti​es and aviation risks.

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 Board of Directors



Bonny ThebenyaneDebswana Diamond CompanyBoard Secretaryhttp://www.debswana.com/About-Us/Pages/Bonny_Thebenyane.aspxBonny Thebenyane
Moses Dinekere PelaeloBank of BotswanaGovernor, Bank of Botswanahttp://www.debswana.com/About-Us/Pages/Mr-Moses-Dinekere-Pelaelo-.aspxMoses Dinekere Pelaelo
Burger GreeffDe Beers GroupHead of Technicalhttp://www.debswana.com/About-Us/Pages/Mr-Burger-Greeff-.aspxBurger Greeff
Ellen Richard-MadisaMinistry of Mineral Resources, Green Technology and Energy SecurityPermanent Secretaryhttp://www.debswana.com/About-Us/Pages/Ellen Richard-Madisa.aspxEllen Richard-Madisa
Kago Galeeme MoshashaneDebswanahttp://www.debswana.com/About-Us/Pages/Kago Galeeme Moshashane.aspxKago Galeeme Moshashane

 Supply Chain

​​We contribute to local economic development through: Direct employment and the employmen​t of local contractors; Preferential procurement from local suppliers; and; Enterprise development and social investment.​

 Our History

1955 -1969The search for diamonds and discovery of Orapa Mine

Debswana History The search of diamonds in Botswana began in the Tuli Block in 1955. Three small alluvial diamonds were found along the Motloutse river. In 1967, between the village of Letlhakane and Mopipi Pan, a team of De Beers Geologists found abundant quantities of elmenite and garnet – the two chief indicators of diamondiferous kimberlite.

 Latest News



Debswana mourns the passing away of Lebole Mpho Mokoto, Head of Human Resources 2021-08-31T22:00:00Zhttp://www.debswana.com/Media/Pages/Debswana_mourns.aspxDebswana mourns the passing away of Lebole Mpho Mokoto, Head of Human Resources
Debswana Board of Directors and Management are pleased to announce the following executive appointments and movements within the company2021-08-31T22:00:00Zhttp://www.debswana.com/Media/Pages/Debswana_Board_of_Directors_and_Management.aspxDebswana Board of Directors and Management are pleased to announce the following executive appointments and movements within the company