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 Latest News



Damtshaa Back in Production2012-02-17T22:00:00ZAfter two years of being on shutdown, Damtshaa Mine is back in production. Debswana’s youngest Mine was put on temporary shutdown at the height of the global economic meltdown in late 2008 when the market demand for diamonds dipped significantly. Back in Production
Debswana celebrates 42 years2011-06-22T22:00:00ZToday, June 23rd, 2011 marks 42 years since the formation of the De Beers Botswana Mining Company, a 50/50 partnership between the Government of Botswana and De Beers Group. In 1992, the company was then renamed Debswana Diamond Company. celebrates 42 years
Debswana celebrates 10 years of employee HIV and AIDS therapy2011-11-30T22:00:00ZThe international commemoration of World Aids this year, coincides with the 10th anniversary of Debswana’s concerted efforts against HIV and AIDS whose key focus was the provision of anti-retroviral therapy. celebrates 10 years of employee HIV and AIDS therapy
Debswana and Caterpillar take dental care to local schools2011-08-18T22:00:00ZDebswana in partnership with one of its suppliers, Caterpillar, will on August 22nd start a health care initiative whose aim is to take dental health care to local schools in an effort contribute positively to provision of health care in Botswana. and Caterpillar take dental care to local schools

 Latest Reports



Report to Stakeholders 2012GP0|#dbb368a2-bc0a-48e5-835d-edf8da33ce92;L0|#0dbb368a2-bc0a-48e5-835d-edf8da33ce92|Stakeholders Report;GTSet|#de715253-9e82-488f-b87c-6e0bbc188d192011-12-31T22:00:00Z to Stakeholders 2012.pdfReport to Stakeholders 2012
Annual Report 2013GP0|#dbb368a2-bc0a-48e5-835d-edf8da33ce92;L0|#0dbb368a2-bc0a-48e5-835d-edf8da33ce92|Stakeholders Report;GTSet|#de715253-9e82-488f-b87c-6e0bbc188d192015-02-18T22:00:00Z Report 2013.pdfAnnual Report 2013
Annual Review 2006GP0|#90d95a37-3e42-4577-8a61-6eb710a37243;L0|#090d95a37-3e42-4577-8a61-6eb710a37243|Annual Review;GTSet|#de715253-9e82-488f-b87c-6e0bbc188d192005-12-31T22:00:00Z Review 2006.pdfAnnual Review 2006
RTS 2015GP0|#dbb368a2-bc0a-48e5-835d-edf8da33ce92;L0|#0dbb368a2-bc0a-48e5-835d-edf8da33ce92|Stakeholders Report;GTSet|#de715253-9e82-488f-b87c-6e0bbc188d192017-02-28T22:00:00Z RTS 2015 Final.pdfRTS 2015

 CSI Projects



Debswana CSI gives hope to Manyana Community Development Programme2012-11-24T22:00:00ZTucked away in the hills of the South East District in Botswana is the small village of Manyana. Typical of most small villages in Botswana, Manyana has that quaint and rural charm, where modern life and village life collide. CSI gives hope to Manyana Community Development Programme
Diamond Trust helping to unlock Tsodilo Hills potential2013-01-22T22:00:00ZHaving notched up almost 100 years as a National Monument and as Botswana’s only World Heritage Site, the rock paintings at Tsodilo Hills potentially have endless tomorrows of high-value tourism. Trust helping to unlock Tsodilo Hills potential




Corporate Social Investment Programme Booklet[20100416] - CSI Programme 16.04.10.pdfCorporate Social Investment Programme Booklet

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Mokobaxane classroom and administration blockMokobaxane classroom and administration block Gallery/Forms/DispForm.aspx?ID=7&RootFolder=/Media/Image%20Gallery Gallery/_t/Mokobaxane classroom and administration block 3-small_JPG.jpg