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Production Figures

Debswana operates the Jwaneng, Orapa, Letlhakane, and Damtshaa diamond mines, along with the Morupule Coal Mine, the sole operating coal mine in Botswana.
The Company recovered 20,22 million carats in 2012, down 2,67 million carats on the previous year (2011: 22,89 million) and treated 21,87 million tonnes of ore (2011: 22,89 million). The reduced carat yield was in part due to ore grade challenges in the treatment plants and delays in production due to a slope failure at Jwaneng Mine in June 2012.During the year under review, Debswana bolstered its asset management plan to improve the availability of physical assets, minimise risk, and identify cost efficiencies.
Mines                       Tonnes treated           Carats recovered
Orapa Mine                  12,251                             11,089
Letlhakane Mine            2,220                               764
Damtshaa Mine             1,387                               191
Jwaneng Mine                6,015                               8,172
Total                          21,873                           20,216
Performance indicators
                                             2012          2011          11/12
LTIFR                                    0,09             0,11             -0,10
LTISR                                    1,98             8,73             -8,09
Mining Licence area (ha)         41,237         41,276          -3,00
Tonnes treated (000s)            21,873        22,889           -1,016
Carats recovered (000s)         20,216        22,890           2,674
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