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Our Projects

​​Our Projects​​​
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Studies are currently at an early stage to evaluate options for extending the life of the mines beyond the existing open pit operations. This will ensure long term sustainability up to 2050 and beyond.

Jwaneng Mine goes underground

Debswana has been operating in a sustained, profitable open pit mining environment for over fifty years and it is forecasted that the same favourable business climate will prevail over the next 15 to 20 years. Notwithstanding this, for Jwaneng Mine, the post Cut 9 business case evaluation paints a different picture which proves that no further open pit cutback will yield a positive business case for the mine. This resulted in the direction of future Jwaneng mining projects being directed to underground alternatives. For more info click here…

Safety and Sustainability Projects 

For more info click here…

Cut 3

Orapa is an open-cast operation. This means that to get to the diamond-bearing kimberlite rock, one has to remove large amounts of waste rock. This is done through a series of what we call in mining terms "Cuts". For more info click here…


Jwaneng Large Diamond Pilot Project

Debswana Major Projects commonly referred to at Horizon 2 Projects is on a steadfast path to deliver high impact projects for the business. The Large Diamond Pilot project, whose footprint lies within Jwaneng Mine, is currently in operation after a successful on-time and on-budget construction execution. For more info click here…


Cut 3 Ore Processing Solution

As one of the leading diamond producers in the world, it is essential that Debswana remains abreast of new mining technology and techniques. This extends to the efficient recovery of diamonds. For more info click here…


Jwaneng Horizon 2 Drilling Project

One of the country's most extensive drilling projects has been initiated at Jwaneng Mine. Sample data from drilling will help unearth geoscientific information to be used to design Jwaneng Underground Mine. For more info click here…



​​Debswana endeavours to remain a world-class diamond mining company, committed to developing the value of Botswana's natural resources for the benefit of the nation and its shareholders. The Jwaneng Cut 9 Project is an expansion project which will extend the life of the mine to 2035 with 80% plant ore feed expected from 2029. For more info click here…

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Report To Stakeholder 2018GP0|#dbb368a2-bc0a-48e5-835d-edf8da33ce92;L0|#0dbb368a2-bc0a-48e5-835d-edf8da33ce92|Stakeholders Report;GTSet|#de715253-9e82-488f-b87c-6e0bbc188d192019-12-01T22:00:00Zhttp://www.debswana.com/Media/Reports/Report To Stakeholder 2018.pdfReport To Stakeholder 2018
Pego ya ba na le seabe 2017GP0|#dbb368a2-bc0a-48e5-835d-edf8da33ce92;L0|#0dbb368a2-bc0a-48e5-835d-edf8da33ce92|Stakeholders Report;GTSet|#de715253-9e82-488f-b87c-6e0bbc188d192019-03-31T22:00:00Zhttp://www.debswana.com/Media/Reports/Pego ya ba na le seabe 2017.pdfPego ya ba na le seabe 2017
Report To Stakeholders 2017GP0|#dbb368a2-bc0a-48e5-835d-edf8da33ce92;L0|#0dbb368a2-bc0a-48e5-835d-edf8da33ce92|Stakeholders Report;GTSet|#de715253-9e82-488f-b87c-6e0bbc188d192019-03-31T22:00:00Zhttp://www.debswana.com/Media/Reports/Report To Stakeholders 2017.pdfReport To Stakeholders 2017