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In line with Botswana’s Vision 2016 Debswana has dedicated itself to becoming a significant contributor to educating the nation of Botswana. Hence the company is actively involved in education from pre-primary school level through to tertiary level.
Investing in their future Diamonds have helped Botswana to educate its nation.
Debswana has built and currently runs two primary schools in the mining communities of Jwaneng and Orapa. Tuition fees for mine employees’ children at the schools are highly subsidized.
Under the Scholarship program students are fully funded to attend the University of Botswana as well as a host of other international institutions. Some top members of Debswana’s management team as well as other professionals in the country established themselves via this route.
In addition Debswana runs an apprenticeship program from its Jwaneng, Orapa and Morupule Mine operations producing artisans who go on to become sought after employees.
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