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​​As part of the registration process, Debswana may, based on the commodity selected, conduct a physical assessment of the supplier’s premises. The date and time of the physical assessment will be communicated to the supplier. Here is a checklist for the physical assessment:

  1. Safety
    • Fire hydrants and fire extinguishers have been serviced and are up to date
    • Cabling is trunked and not posing a safety hazard
    • Tools, equipment, etc. are not scattered around posing a safety hazard
    • Walkways are clearly marked
  2. Health
    • Place is well ventilated
    • Restroom cleanliness
  3. Environment
    • Disposal Methods
  4. Security
    • Ensure that the workplace is secure
    • Ensure that there is a withdrawal and receipt procedure/process for critical parts and appointed persons for that​