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Diamonds Debswana cares deeply for the environment within which it operates. At the mines, the company has established game parks to preserve some wildlife.
Debswana takes an active interest in conservation, and has created two viable game parks in the mining lease areas around its two principal mines, Jwaneng and Orapa. These parks provide a vital sanctuary for wildlife in areas where wildlife has otherwise been forced out through encroachment, cattle-farming and poaching.
Orapa Game Park
The Orapa game park was formed from a core conservation area, initially developed by concerned members of the Orapa community, starting in 1985. Orapa game park Debswana Diamond Company is committed to minimising the negative impact view more
Jwana Game Park
The area that was to become Jwana Game Park was initially a fenced Mine Lease Area surrounding Jwaneng mine, populated by limited numbers of Hartebeest, Wildebeest, Springbok, Ostrich and other smaller animals. view more
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Diamond Fact
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