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Our focus is on safety, employee wellness, training and development. At Debswana we apply productive, efficient and cost effective practices that have successfully positioned us as a globally recognised, safety oriented and high performance organisation in the mining sector.

Safety is a strategic priority at Debswana and the company has rigorous standards and processes in place to prevent injuries.

All operations run initiatives to promote a common culture of Zero Harm and deploy processes to facilitate swift reporting and investigation of every incident to identify root causes, initiate remedial action, and to disseminate lessons learned

SHE Policy

It is one of the core values of Debswana Diamond Company to conduct all its operations in a manner that will minimise impact on the environment and uphold the safety and health of our employees.

We therefore commit ourselves to:

  • Continually improve our safety, occupational health and environmental performance
  • Comply with all applicable laws, regulations and other commitments
  • Prevent work-related diseases, injuries and damages to property
  • Prevent pollution of the environment
  • Conserve natural and other resources
  • Treat the protection of safety, occupational health and the environment as the responsibility of everyone working at Debswana

The above commitments will be met by:

  • Integrating safety, occupational health and environmental considerations into all aspects of the business process
  • Implementing formal safety, occupational health and environmental management programmes
  • Providing appropriate training to all employees and contractors
  • Assigning responsibility for the coordination of the safety, occupational health and environmental management programmes to appropriately skilled and experienced managers
  • Providing adequate resources and facilities to implement the requirements of this policy
  • Proactively engaging with the government, communities and other stakeholders on matters related to safety, occupational health and the environment
  • Making public the company`s safety, occupational health and environmental policy and performance
Our common goal: Zero Harm

Our common goal is to activate Zero Harm to employees, the environment, the broader community, and to our product.

This can be achieved through the effective management of safety and health risks at all operations. Debswana has adopted internationally recognised OHSAS 18001 Safety and Health Management system to support this. Successful ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 surveillance audits are regularly conducted and completed.

Safety Programmes

Debswana's Safety Risk Management Programme educates employees and contractors in identifying hazards and to assess and manage risk better. The company has rolled-out of programmes of engagement, training and regular safety, and health awareness campaigns.

These initiatives have resulted in an upsurge of near-hit reporting and the sharing of incident information across operations.