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Abraham Merryweather Keetshabe

Attorney General Botswana Government


Advocate Abraham Keetshabe is currently the Attorney General of the Republic of Botswana.​

Advocate Keetshabe is a practicing lawyer whose career started way back in the year 1986 when he graduated f​rom the University of Botswana, in conjunction with the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, and immediately joined the Judiciary as a junior magistrate; rising through the ranks to become the first Motswana to be appointed to the position of Chief Magistrate.

In 1996 he left the magistracy on promotion to the position of Deputy Registrar & Master of the High Court, based initially at the Francistown High Court and later transferring to the Lobatse High Court. His main responsibilities then included administrative supervision of the work of magistrates and providing administrative support to both the High Court and Court of Appeal.

In the year 2004, Adv. Keetshabe joined the Attorney General's Chambers as the Deputy Attorney General responsible for civil litigation affairs.  In this capacity, he successfully represented the Government in a number of landmark cases that now provide legal precedent and jurisprudence in this country.

In the year 2011, Adv. Keetshabe joined the Office of the President as General Counsel. In this capacity, his primary responsibility was the provision of legal services to the Presidency. Amongst others, he coordinated the development of Botswana's ICT legislative framework.

In the year 2016, Adv. Keetshabe was appointed the Director of Public Prosecutions; with the constitutional mandate of leading the prosecution of criminal cases in Botswana.

On 01/08/2017, Adv. Keetshabe was appointed the Attorney General of the Republic of Botswana; assuming the constitutional role of principal legal adviser to the Government.

​Adv. Keetshabe has continuously practised law for more than three (3) decades and he sufficiently understands the legal landscape and jurisprudence of Botswana.