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Board of Directors

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Debswana is owned in equal proportions​ by the Government of the Republic of Botswana and Delibes Holdings Limited and each Shareholder appoints six nominees to the Board, whose membership also includes the Managing Director. Debswana’s twelve-member Board is assisted by four (4) committees, namely; the Audit Committee, Remuneration and Nominations​ Committee (REMCO), Technical Committee (TECHCO), and the Sustainability Committee.​  ​




Al CookDe Beers Group CEOBoard Chairperson Cook.aspxAl Cook
Emma PeloetletseGovernment of BotswanaDeputy Board Chairperson, Permanent Secretary to the President Peloetletse
Andrew Maatla MotsomiDebswana Diamond CompanyManaging Director Maatla Motsomi.aspxAndrew Maatla Motsomi
Alessandra Berry Ward BeriddgeDe Beers GroupExecutive Vice President: Commercial and Partnerships Berry Ward Beriddge
Kago Galeeme MoshashaneBoard Member Galeeme Moshashane.aspxKago Galeeme Moshashane
Burger GreeffDe Beers GroupExecutive Head of Technical Greeff
Advocate Abraham KeetshabeBotswana GovernmentAttorney General Abraham Keetshabe
Neo Daniel MorokaDe Beers BotswanaResident Director & Chief Executive Officer Daniel Moroka
Ellen Lopang Richard-MadisaMinistry of Minerals and EnergyPermanent Secretary Richard-Madisa.aspxEllen Lopang Richard-Madisa
Moses Dinekere PelaeloBank of BotswanaGovernor Dinekere Pelaelo
Sarah Mary Kuijlaars De Beers GroupChief Financial Officer Mary Kuijlaars.aspxSarah Mary Kuijlaars
Bonny ThebenyaneDebswana Diamond CompanyBoard Secretary, Head of Business Services Thebenyane
Dr Wilfred Jiwa MandlebeMinistry of FinancePermanent Secretary Wilfred Jiwa Mandlebe
Malebogo MpugwaDe Beers GroupExecutive Head of Human Resources Mpugwa