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What does the recruitment process involve? does the recruitment process involve?<div class="ExternalClassD45DA51994B14C3AB6BE2D33034F9972"><p>Debswana has a thorough process to fit the best possible candidate into a role. It involves:</p><ul><li>the collection and shortlisting of applications</li><li>telephone interview and reference checks</li><li>face to face interviews, psychometric and ability assessment, pre-employment medicals and site visits may also be required.</li></ul></div>
What is the preferred application method? is the preferred application method?<div class="ExternalClassE7EB481E73854DA28306B67495C9C968"><p>​We prefer you to apply for jobs via this website. You can then search and apply for any job/s that you feel suit you. If you don’t have access to a computer then facsimile or post is fine.​</p>​</div>