Our Subsidiaries

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Our Investments

Debswana – mining diamonds​, enriching the nation. Debswana is the world’s leading diamond producer by value, and the second largest diamond producer by volume.

We work knowing that we are integral to the social fabric of Botswana, and that our success contributes to that of Botswana. ​​​​​​As a major industrial player and contributor to the Botswana economy, Debswana subscribes to the philosophy that its entrepreneurial success should be underpinned by social and economic responsibility. The Company aspires to play an active role in the long term economic growth of the country.​​..


This short term insurance company was formed in June 2000 to issue insurance policies protecting Debswana's assets, business interruptions, liabilities, securities and aviati​on risks.

As a licensed short term insurance company in Botswana, Sesiro Insurance Company (Pty) Ltd enables secure and cost efficient access to the domestic and international insurance markets for Debswana's risks. Identifying and providing facilities for the management of risks outside the scope of that available in the insurance market, for example retention of part of the deductibles, is also part of the service provided by Sesiro to Debswana's subsidiaries.​