Our Values, Purpose, Vision and Mission


Values are the qualities on which Debswana prides itself. They are what we want to be known for. They drive us to passionately meet our objectives and targets.

As Debswana, our values are:


We consider all risks to people and the environment before proceeding with any activity. We address risks before beginning any activity, even if this means stopping a task. Zero Harm is always our goal.

We are exhilarated by the product we mine and sell, the challenges we face and the opportunities we create. We will always be ahead in everything we do.

Being united in purpose and action, we will turn the diversity of our people, skills and experience into an unparalleled source of strength.

We will always listen first, then act with openness, honesty and integrity so that our relationships flourish.

We care deeply about each other and the people whose lives we touch, our communities and the environment we share. We will always think through the consequences of what we do so that our contribution to the world is real, lasting and makes us proud.?

We will find new ways. We will set demanding targets and take both tough decisions and considered risks to achieve them. We will insist on executional excellence and reward those who deliver?.?

Our Purpose

Make Life Brilliant                                                                        


Our Vision

To be a global bench-mark diamond business


Our Mission

We mine diamonds safely, optimally and responsibly