The Security Department exists to ensure that the company operates ethically and responsibly within the following frameworks:

  • Precious and Semi Precious Stones Act
  • Kimberley Process
  • Debswana Standards, including the Diamond Control Criteria and Best Practice Principles
  • Code of Conduct and Business Ethics

Security Permits

Upon arrival to the mine site, everyone is issued with a security permit. The permit must be in your possession at all times. Long-term or shortterm vehicle permits are also issued to those accessing the mine using vehicles.

Prohibited in the mine lease area

No one is allowed to arrive on site under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or attempt to bring alcohol or drugs onto the premises. Doing so is a serious offence. Random alcohol testing is conducted on the mine. This includes testing of visitors, contractors and employees.

Not Allowed 

Jwaneng Mine Security Video

Exiting the mine

All people exiting the Mine through the Personnel Control Centre (PCC) are to ensure that they are free of any gravel prior to exiting the mine. Those exiting blue areas will be randomly searched, while those exiting red areas will always be searched. A separate arrangement can be made for people with disabilities or VIPs by prior application to the Senior Security Manager.

Diamond pick-up

The mine has a diamond pick-up policy which provides guidance on what to do in case one spots a diamond. The following steps should be taken:

  • Report the find to security immediately via radio or colleague.
  • If alone, mark the area properly and clearly.
  • If with a colleague, send them to alert security. The finder remains with the stone.
  • Do not take the suspect stone into your possession.

There is a two-tier reward system for diamond finds. The amount is based on the quality and size of the diamond.

Do not touch it, report it!


The DCAT is a joint venture by the Mine and the public to sensitize the public about the dangers of diamond trafficking and the importance of diamonds to our economy. Membership of the DCAT is open to all.

Crime Reporting

Report all criminal acts to Intelligence and Investigation or through the Ethics Hotline.

Office numbers: (+267) 5884972, 5805437
Toll free: 0800 600 333
Mascom: (+267) 71119721
Orange: 1144
Ethics Hotline: 0800 600 644

Jwaneng Mine Security Video