Biodiversity and Conservation



Debswana takes an active interest in conservation, and has created two viable game parks in the mining lease areas around its two principal mines, Jwaneng and Orapa.

These parks provide a vital sanctuary for wildlife in areas where wildlife has otherwise been forced out through encroachment, cattle-farming and poaching.


The Orapa Game Park is situated about 7km from Orapa Township. The purpose of the park is to conserve biodiversity and promote scientific research and tourism for the benefit of the Boteti region and the nation at large. The park covers a total of 48 974 ha.

You are encouraged to visit the park and explore our fantastic biodiversity. When visiting the park kindly register at the entrance gate (situated at the airport) and obtain the relevant visitor’s information.

  • Standby cell phone: (+267) 71310660


Jwana Game Park is situated some 170km west of Gaborone in a region of the Ngwaketse Tribal Area. Covering approximately 15 455 ha, it is characterised by Terminalia and Acacia plant species.

The Jwana Game Park exemplifies Jwaneng Mine’s commitment to biodiversity management through the provision of habitats that are conducive to healthy animal and plant species, and furthering the conservation of endangered species including rhinoceros, cheetahs, and vultures (lappet faced and white-backed). Jwana Game Park therefore plays an important role in off-setting the impacts from mining activities and provides a relaxing and recreational area to the communities around Jwaneng Mine.

It also adds to the country’s protected reserve areas, contributes to economic diversification, has the potential for end-of-mine-life livelihood activities, and is a forum for providing education on wildlife conservation and for biodiversity research.

  • Contact for inquiry: (+267)5884363


  • Our motto: Take nothing but pictures
  • The park is opened from 0600hrs to 1900hrs daily
  • Obey all Game Park rules
  • Avoid making noise, disturbing other visitors or driving off-road
  • Drive at prescribed speed limit (40KM/h)
  • Poaching is prohibited in all lease areas
  • Feeding of wild animals is not allowed
  • Avoid indiscriminate waste disposal (use provided waste bins)
  • Do not play loud music
  • Pets not allowed in the Game Park
  • Do not collect firewood
  • Do not vandalise Game Park property
  • Adhere to Park visiting hours
  • Do not get too close to animals such as rhinos (keep a safe distance of 50m)