Pulling together means acknowledging that “we” can accomplish what “I” can’t alone. It means valuing diversity, and the strength that diversity adds to teamwork. Karabo was discouraged by his inability to solve a problem he’d been having in terms of his relationship with his community. An analytical thinker, he kept evaluating the problem in terms of cost versus benefit. Frustrated, he consulted a colleague, who explained that the problem was simple, and could be solved through an emotional appeal.

Being passionate means that your principles and beliefs are aligned with your work. While Neo was at university, she realised that education was both a privilege and the key to a rewarding life. She has embraced our community mentorship programme, and now helps high school students prepare for university entrance exams.

Building trust involves empathy and integrity. When Patrick began encouraging his team to share problems they might be having at home and treating their issues with sensitivity and discretion, morale and wellbeing increased, he was able to foster an atmosphere of mutual trust and the team’s work improved. ​

Showing we care means thinking of everyone we come into contact with as people with emotions, cares, and worries in their own right. When Kelebogile was frustrated by the performance of one of her colleagues, she took the time to discuss the underlying issues with him. Not only did this rectify the situation at work, but it brought them closer together.

Shaping the future involves having clear goals and being inventive in achieving them. Modise could never understand why not all of the world’s governments were reacting with urgency to the crisis of climate change. He pushed his team in his personal capacity to come up with ways in which they could do their jobs in a more energyconscious way. Now the team’s innovations have become standard practice across the mine.​