OLDM invests over P4 million into community development

​​Through its Corporate Social Investment (CSI) programme Orapa, Letlhakane and Damtshaa Mines (OLDM) marked yet another milestone last year by investing over 4 million pula into community development.

“OLDM has always embraced the social and economic responsibility of being a good corporate citizen and this investment is an indication of our resolute and unparalleled commitment to sustainable community development in and around Boteti,” said the chairperson of OLDM Sustainability Committee, Thatayaone Sithole.

“To us, this is most outstanding accomplishment and major milestone of an exemplary company by any measure."

He added that through this programme OLDM creates partnerships with the communities to assist in improving their lives. He also observed that the initiative shapes the future of Boteti something that resonates well with Debswana’s values of Show we Care and Shape the Future. 

He added that, “Here at OLDM we strive to the always ahead and be the epitome of diamonds for development globally.  The intention is to maintain a profitable business environment and enhance our reputation and the well-being of the communities in which we operate, as well as the country in general. This initiative is pivotal in our endeavor of ensuring that we do not leave the mining communities worse off than when the company began operating in their areas.” 

He pointed out that some of the major projects undertaken through the CSI programme last year included; the adoption of Mokobaxane Primary School to the tune of 2. 4 million Pula. He said that this sponsorship, a first of its kind for Debswana, attests to the company’s commitment to education and the future of Botswana children. He pointed out that the funds were used in the development of infrastructure including classrooms and an administration block.

Sithole said that the project’s immediate impact should be a vibrant school that will position Boteti as a regional centre of excellence in primary education ultimately resulting in improved national human resource skills base in areas required for economic diversification and sustainable growth.

He added that through the CSI programme OLDM invested in the renovation of Serowe SOS Children’s Village Boys Youth Facility and the Debswana House at the village to the tune of P546 138. 04. He pointed out that the project is in line with one of our values of Show We Care and one of National Vision 2016 Pillars of a Compassionate, Just and Caring Nation.

“There is a saying that the true measure of any​ Society can be found in how it treats its most vulnerable members. Therefore, we remain committed to lending a helping hand to improve the welfare of all vulnerable members of our society in this instance; children under the care of Serowe SOS Children’s Village. To us, the promotion of human rights and dignity remain a noble aspiration. Therefore, we believe that at the end of the project all beneficiaries will walk around with some great sense of dignity knowing that they have appropriate roof over their heads,” he added.

The other major projects included; P 500,000.00 investment in the Ministry of Environment Wildlife and Tourism feasibility study for the development of the Diamond Pavilion. In addition, through the CSI programme OLDM injected P200 000 into Letlhakane Senior Secondary School directed at upgrading the overall Information and Communications Technology at the school.

“This is part of our ongoing commitment and journey to create a legacy of prosperity, sustainability and empowering the communities and transforming the lives of the people in Boteti and surrounding areas. The CSI programme has six (6) primary focus areas; education, environment, small business development, arts and culture development, health and sports development. Therefore, we remain committed to continue working closely with the Boteti community, to collectively identify sustainable projects that we can support this year and into the future,” Sithole said in closing.