Damtshaa Mine

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Damtshaa Mine

2021 Tonnes Mined666,000
2021 Tonnes Treated332,000
2021 Carats Recovered55

​​2021 TONNES MINED: 666, 000

2021 TONNES TREATED: 332, 000


​​​​​​​​​Four small diamond pipes (B/K1, B/K9, B/K12 and B/K 15) were discovered between 1967 and 1972 in an area 20km east of the Orapa Kimberlite pipe. These pipes were grouped to form the Damtshaa Mine and are managed, along with Letlhakane Mine, from the Orapa operation. Damtshaa has been forecast to yield 5 million carats from 39 million tons of ore that are to be mined over the 31 year projected life of mine. 201 920 carats were recovered at Damtshaa in 2020.

Damtshaa mine was officially opened on the 25th October 2003 by the then Vice President of Botswana Lt. General Seretse Khama Ian Khama who stated," The Damtshaa mine is the latest addition to the strengthening and consolidation of our position as the leading nation in diamond production."

Commissioning of Damtshaa Mine was carried out in the fourth quarter of 2002, with the first head feed load recorded on 28th October 2002. Production build up commenced with full production reached in March 2003. The carat profile for Damtshaa Mine is not smooth through the years due to the varying grades of the different rock types in the pits. This has resulted in an average of 0,250 million carats per annum.

Damtshaa Mine Damtshaa Mine:​ The youngest of the Debswana mines began operation in 2003.