Letlhakane Mine

Small reed (in Setswana)
Letlhakane Mine

2021 Tonnes Mined4,319,000
2021 Tonnes Treated3,456,000
2021 Carats Recovered700,000​​


2021 TONNES MINED: 4, 319, 000

2021 TONNES TREATED: 3, 456, 000

2021 CARATS RECOVERED: 700, 000

Letlhakane Mine is situated 50 km from Debswana's Orapa operation and 190 km West of Francistown, in Central Botswana. The mine which was first discovered during the sampling and evaluation process at Orapa, became Debswana's second mine when it opened in 1975.


Open-pit operations at Letlhakane Mine ceased as planned in 2017. The plant for processing of tailings, which will extend the life of the operation to 2043, has been completed and is now operational. The plant has a capacity of up to 800,000 carats per annum.

This has ensured seamless continuity at Letlhakane Mine and most importantly, it has meant zero job losses as a result of switching from mining from the pit to running a tailings plant.​

Orapa Letlhakane and Damtshaa mines is certified ISO 14001: 2015 Environmental Management System and ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management System.