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Cut 3

Orapa is an open-cast operation. This means that to get to the diamond-bearing kimberlite rock, one has to remove large amounts of waste rock. This is done through a series of what we call in mining terms "Cuts".

A detailed study is underway to extend the life of the mine beyond the current Cut 2. Studies are at pre-feasibility stage and will inform the various parameters for Cut 3. The current Life of Mine, which only includes Cut 2, extends to early 2030's.

Cut 3 follows on from Cut 1 and 2 and this life extension will include necessary infrastructure and latest technology to mine and process the kimberlite as safely and efficiently as possible.

The Cut 3 Project is currently in pre-feasibility "B" stage and under study to align with Debswana's strategic plans for the company's portfolio of resources.   An operation of the scale contemplated for Cut 3 requires several years to develop, it will extend Orapa's operating life past 2050.   Recent achievements of the Project team include completion of Preparatory Works Phase 2 achieving over 164,000 work hours without a recordable injury, demonstrating Debswana's focus on "Putting Safety First".