Cut 3 Ore Processing Solution

​As one of the leading diamond producers in the world, it is essential that Debswana remains abreast of new mining technology and techniques. This extends to the efficient recovery of diamonds.

Ore processing is a key factor in the diamond value chain by adding value to the resource as it moves from mining to sales.

Ore processing uses a combination of liberation, concentration and recovery.

Liberation involves the crushing of ore to a specific size, Concentration relies on a process known as dense medium separation, and Recovery uses the latest X-ray-based technology to recover the diamonds.

The Cut 3 Ore Processing Solution– or COPS – is focused on optimising Orapa's ore processing capabilities to sustainably achieve production targets as per the Resource Development Plan.

Part of the Debswana Major Projects or Horizon 2 projects as commonly known, the COPS project aims at securing the future of the company and the Boteti region, as well as ensuring Botswana's continued growth.

The current phase of the project examines the technical and economic viability of various options in order to select those most beneficial for the future of Orapa.

Options being considered include ensuring the capability of Orapa Number 2 plant at 9.8 million tonnes per annum and the expansion of No.2 Plant to 11.5 million tonnes per annum.

The timing of project implementation is also being considered in order to optimise ore processing to match expected production over the extended life of Orapa Mine