How do I do business with Debswana?

Prospective supplies who wish to do business with Debswana need to register as vendors on the Debswana database. Information on registration can be found on the Debswana website (www.Debswana.Bw).

Who can register to be a supplier?

Any company can register to be a supplier for Debswana. However, there are certain goods and services that are reserved for citizen owned companies.

What do I need for the supplier registration process?

Details on the Debswana registration process and requirements are available on the website.

How many product codes can a supplier register for?

A company can register for up to 5 product codes. A list of product codes that suppliers can register for is available on the Debswana website under supplier registration.

Should I be registered with ppadb to register with Debswana?

No – you do not have to be registered with ppadb

If I registered in jwaneng, do I still need to register at orapa and gaborone?

No – there is only one supplier database covering all Debswana operations

Once I register, when will I start to receive rfps?

Completion of the registration does not guarantee any business with Debswana. You will be included in our list of potential suppliers that may be used for sourcing requests.

In what circumstances can suppliers be removed from the Debswana supplier database?

Suppliers who engage in criminal or unethical practices I.E. Money laundering, fraud, corruption, bribery or participation in a criminal organization may be deregistered from the Debswana supplier database.

How can I contact someone at Debswana about my unique product or service offering?

You can contact supply chain who will direct you to the relevant resource in Debswana who will determine if there is need for the product or service.

How can I find out about available tenders?

Debswana tenders can either be selective or public. For selective tenders, we will send an invitation to tender to the pre-qualified suppliers from the Debswana database. Public tenders are published on the Debswana website and local newspapers.

Does Debswana have any youth empowerment policies when tendering? E.G. Subsidized tender payments

No, all prospective suppliers use the same process to register with Debswana. Where there is requirement to pay for tender documents, these are not subsidized.

Does Debswana allow submissions by joint ventures and if so who submits the bid?

Yes, companies may submit bids as joint venture. Such submissions should clearly indicate the shareholding in the joint venture and a clear responsibility matrix for the joint venture partners.

Can a registered vendor submit a joint bid with a non-registered vendor?

Yes, but the principal partner in the joint venture has to be the registered vendor.

What happens if I can't get my tender in on time?

Tenders must be submitted by the date and time stated. Any submissions received after the deadline will not be considered and shall be returned unopened. For online tenders, submissions are locked by the system until the deadline has passed and then released to be opened at the same time to ensure a fair process. Suppliers still have the ability to amend their submissions until the deadline.

Who can I contact for more information on procurement?

Supply chain contact information is available on the Debswana website.

Who do I contact if I have queries about payments?

All payment queries to be directed to Debswana accounts payable at

I have read the faq list and I still have questions. Is there anyone else I can contact?

If you still have questions after reading the FAQ list, please contact us at Include your name, company name and phone number along with your question. ​​​​