What is the difference between SAP Ariba and SAP Business Network?

SAP Ariba changed the name to SAP Business Network


What is SAP Business Network

The SAP Business Network is the world’s largest online marketplace where buyers and sellers engage and transact. It provides a world-wide, cloud-based platform for the electronic exchange of Sourcing and Procurement documents between buyers and sellers, enabling total e-sourcing and e-procurement.

SAP Ariba solu​tions include:

  •  ​Supplier Lifecycle and Performance (Supplier management process)
  • Sourcing (from Request to Award)
  • Contracts Management (Contracts Management processes end-to-end)
  • Buying and Invoicing Management (Source-to-Pay processes)
  • Commerce Automation (Electronic exchange of Procurement documents)


What is the cost for Suppliers to register in the SAP Business Network solution?

Registering as a supplier to do business with Debswana and participating in sourcing events (RFP) via SAP Business Network is FREE.

Is there a subscription fee for suppliers who transact on the SAP Business network using either Standard or Enterprise account?

They will be 2 types of accounts, Standard and Enterprise.

  • Standard Account is a free account that typically gets activated from the first transaction, it has limited advanced features (e.g., interaction with SAP Ariba support, running reports, integration to ERP system)
  • Eterprise Account is subjected to annual subscriptions and/ transactional fees depending on the number of purchase orders received. It has advanced features including running of reports, publishing electronic catalogues as well as direct support from SAP Ariba team.


How do I know whether I am on Enterprise or Standard account?

Refer to the top bar of your SAP Business Network Account landing page.


How effective is the audit trail of a paperless solution?

SAP Ariba records every transaction, document, action and decision which provides a complete audit trail.

How safe is confidential information supplied by Suppliers during the SAP Business Network registration process?

Safety controls were built into the design of SAP Business Network to ensure confidentiality of supplier’s information.


What is the impact of the SAP Business Network on Debswana and Suppliers in general?

The solution will enable the following changes:

  • Self-registration as a Debswana Supplier, transferring the ownership of the accuracy of the Supplier’s data to the Supplier.
  • Self-maintenance of any changes to the Supplier’s data by the Supplier.
  • Electronic notifications to the Supplier via email e.g. feedback on progress, notification of expiry dates, Requests for Quotation, Purchase Orders etc.

Improved Source-to-Pay process with positive outcomes to suppliers:


How do I register to do business with Debswana

  • ​​​Re​​gis​tration is done online via Debswana SAP Ariba page Debswana Suppliers Guide - New Suppliers


Who can register to be a Debswana supplier?

Any registered company can register to be a supplier for Debswana.

However, there are certain goods and services that are reserved for citizen owned companies.


Can an individual register more than one company as a Supplier for Debswana on SAP Business Network?

Yes, provided that they are separate legal entities with different Company registration numbers and VAT numbers.


If a Supplier is already registered on SAP Business Network for other customers, do they have to register again as a Debswana Supplier?

Yes, they have to register as a Debswana specific Supplier on SAP Business Network.


If I registered in Jwaneng, do I still need to register at Orapa and Gaborone?

No – there is only one supplier database across all Debswana operations.


Once I am registered, when will I start to receive Request for Proposals/Quotations.

Completion of the registration does not guarantee any business with Debswana. However, registering will provide you with the opportunity to be invited for proposals of Request for quotations.


Should I be registered with PPADB to register with Debswana

No – you do not have to be registered with PPAD


How many product codes can a supplier register for?

A company can register for up to 5 product codes. A list of product codes is available on the Debswana website under Supplier registration.


Why are suppliers graded?

Grading determines the value of business granted by Debswana to the Supplier.


Can a Supplier object against the Supplier Grading obtained or request for a re-grade?

Yes, A Supplier is allowed to appeal against the Supplier Grading.


In what circumstances can suppliers be removed from the Debswana supplier database?

Suppliers who engage in criminal or unethical practices I.E. Money laundering, fraud, corruption, bribery or participation in a criminal organization may be deregistered from the Debswana supplier database.


Does Debswana have any youth, disabled or woman empowerment policies when registering or tendering?

No, all prospective suppliers use the same process to register and tender with Debswana.


How can I find out about available tenders?

Debswana tenders can either be selective or public. For selective tenders, we will send an invitation to tender to the pre-qualified suppliers from the Debswana database. Public tenders are published on the Debswana website and local newspapers.


Does Debswana allow submissions by joint ventures and if so who submits the bid?

Yes, companies may submit bids as joint venture. Such submissions should clearly indicate the shareholding in the joint venture and a clear responsibility matrix for the joint venture partners.


Can a registered vendor sub-contract a non-registered vendor?

Yes, a registered vendor is allowed to sub-contract an unregistered vendor.


What happens if I can't get my tender on time?

Tenders not submitted on time will not be accepted.


What is the SAP Ariba Buying & Commerce Automation?

SAP Ariba buying & commerce automation refers to remodeling and optimization of all or key aspects of the Procure to pay process.


What are the benefits the SAP Ariba Buying & Commerce Automation?

Commerce automation will expedite delivery of purchase orders, eliminate invoice errors, speed approvals, and improve on-time payment performance.


How is SAP Ariba Buying & Commerce Automation linked to SAP ARIBA Phase I

The objective of Phase 1 project was to facilitate registration of suppliers, tendering and contracting in preparation for later onboarding onto the Ariba network (Ariba Buying & Commerce Automation) and use of established contracts.


What is the SAP Ariba value drivers?     

  • Reduced paperwork and associated costs by automating the process from ordering goods & services to the payment process.
  • Improved supplier payment lead-times
  • Simplified access to information for both buyer and suppliers
  • Smart ways of buying with the use of improved catalogues
  • Enhanced communication between supplier- buyer.


What does the Source to Pay Process entail?

  • It is a process that involves
    • identification of the need of purchase goods and/or services,
    • identification of suppliers to be contracted
    • eventual payments for the goods/services consumed/received.


What are the key benefits of the SAP Ariba Buying & Commerce Automation?

  • Ease and smart ways of buying due to the use of improved catalogues
  • Optimised invoice processing and adherence to agreed payment terms
  • Reduce administrative costs by eliminating paperwork, e.g., ordering, expediting, invoicing
  • Reduce costs associated with data errors and inaccuracies attributed to manual processes
  • Enablement of key contracted suppliers will help improve spend compliance and reduce maverick spend by facilitating cash flow management
  • Reduced cost associated with keeping stock resulting in shorter cycle times therefore reducing stocking requirements and stock levels.
  • Electronic processing will eliminate invoice errors and speed approvals which will improve payment processing times.


What Is in It for Me (WIFM)?    

  • ​​​Paperless and seamless automation of the procurement process reduces waiting time and provides real time communication.


Does a company have to be enrolled in the SAP Ariba Buying & Commerce Automation to do business with Debswana?        

  • ​​​Yes.  All companies should be registered on SAP Business Network.


Where can I get help if I am stuck with SAP Ariba Buying?

Send an email to scmdigitaltransformation@debswana.bw


Who do I contact for more information on Supplier Registration on SAP Business Network

Please contact us at qualityassurance@debswana.bw

  • ​​​Include your name, company name and phone number along with your question.

Who do I contact if I have queries about payments?

Contact Debswana accounts payable at accountspayablequeries@debswana.bw/+267 3648888​