Our Community

​​​​​​​​​​Our Community

Investment in the future of communities during and beyond the life of our operations remains core to Debswana.

Debswana’s primary support for community development in Botswana comes through the revenues  its operations generate for the Government, along with jobs created and sustained, as well as resultant increases in living standards for communities associated with our work.

We are committed to ensuring that the impact of our operations is beneficially experienced by associated communities. Debswana manages community relations in accordance with international standards for community engagement, consultation and support.

Debswana runs a holistic Wellness Programme across the company, with full-time Counsellors and a psychologist who leads the programme. The integrated employee wellness programme not only holistically addresses issues of employee health, but also their wellbeing in the workplace.​

In 2001, Debswana was the first company in the world to offer free Anti-Retroviral Therapy to any infected employee and their spouse.There has been a significant evolution and advancement in the HIV/AIDS programme to a point where employees, their legally married spouses and up to three children under the age of 21 receive 100% subsidy from the company for the cost of Anti-Retroviral Therapy (ART), prophylactic and opportunistic infections treatment and related monitoring tests.

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HIV/AIDS Lesson Debswana is the first company in the world to administer anti-retroviral therapy to its employees HIV/AIDS Lesson:​ Debswana is the first company in the world to administer anti-retroviral therapy to its employees

Corporate Social Investment

The Company’s Corporate Social Investment (CSI) Programme is one of the many ways Debswana has cemented its place as a Company that espouses care and moral duty towards Batswana. From Orapa and Letlhakane Mines, via Gaborone to Jwaneng, Debswana has continued to plough back into the community by mining the resource and enriching the nation.

Debswana is arguably the leading corporate citizen in Botswana with a corporate social investment and community relations policy, which has, over the years, seen a significant socio-economic transformation of the country’s various communities. Debswana’s core values of ‘Show We Care’, ’Shape The Future’ and ‘Be Passionate’ impel it to be a world class benchmark when it comes to investing in and nurturing the communities it lives in.


Investing in their future, Diamonds have helped Botswana to educate its nation.

In line with Botswana's Vision 2016 Debswana has dedicated itself to becoming a significant contributor to educating the nation of Botswana. Hence the company is actively involved in education from pre-primary school level through to tertiary level.

Debswana has built and currently runs two primary schools in the mining communities of Jwaneng and Orapa. Tuition fees for mine employees' children at the schools are highly subsidized.

In addition, Debswana runs an apprenticeship program from its Jwaneng, Orapa and Morupule Mine operations producing artisans who go on to become sought after employees.


Supporting Community Health

In Botswana, our fully funded mine hospitals provide medical services to mine employees but also act as district hospitals for the communities surrounding our mines.

In addition to the BWP 65 million spent at each of our two mine hospitals, more than BWP 1.5 million was invested in health and welfare programmes in 2013.

In Orapa, as is also the case in Jwaneng, Debswana runs a hospital and schools. Orapa Mine hospital has, for the third time, been accredited since it entered into the Council for Health Service Accreditation of Southern Africa (COHSASA) programme in 2000. The hospital is licenced to operate 110 beds and currently has 65 beds, 11 Doctors, two dentists and support departments inclusive of a laboratory, radiography, physiotherapy and pharmacy.

The hospital provides health services to mine employees, Orapa community and serves as a referral hospital for the district of Boteti