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Advancing Education - DGSDP


In Jwaneng, the community is very much a priority for the Mine. Indeed, various initiatives have been put in place in an endeavour to ensure that the communities around the Mine are left better off than before mining started in Jwaneng. In this vein, one of the key focus areas in the Corporate Social Investment (CSI) space is Education.

Over the years, Jwaneng's tangible efforts can be seen across the community, as the Mine continues to invest in improving the education within Jwaneng and surrounding areas.  One example of this is the Debswana Government School Development Programme (DGSDP), an initiative that offers an in-service training and development programme. This is done by the Mine, and for Government teachers. The programme has trained an estimated 27 teachers in leadership (Supervisory Development Training) and information technology related courses (Computer Awareness) so far.

DGSDP is mandated to train and develop teachers in core subjects. These include: Mathematics, Science, English and Agriculture. It enables and enhances academic excellence for beneficiaries being the primary schools of Jwana, Teemane, Kgalagadi, Dinonyane, Betesankwe and Maboane.

The impact of the programme is clear for all to see. The beneficiary cluster has been rated amongst the top 4 high performing clusters nationally since 2002. Further, it refurbished and resourced 2 libraries and a science laboratory in schools. DGSDP also constructed horticultural gardens for 5 schools and continues to sponsor and host the annual DGSDP Agricultural Exhibition.   

With the overwhelming efforts, the DGSDP is coordinated at Acacia Primary School. It is overlooked by 3 senior teachers: Roselyn Ngakayagae, Edwin Moepi and Boitumelo Bosele. Ngakayagae overlooks English and Moepi is focused on Science; Bosele's main area is Mathematics. With the just ended PSL examinations, the team eagerly await the results to see that the schools once more remain on top, and the programme continues to thrive.