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Careers at Debswana
We pursue brilliance

Our people are our business.


We want our business to be exceptional, and that means making sure our people are exceptional.  As a company, we have a common sense of purpose and are aligned in how we do things, together.


We reward and we recognise, and allow you to develop and grow in a meaningful and fostering environment. By ensuring that we place the right people in the right roles, we empower you to realise your full potential.


Do you want a career that makes a real difference? If you share our ambitions and principles and have the qualities that will enable us to create broad value then we want to hear from you.


 As Debswana moves forward on its high performance journey it is building a culture where our employees are empowered and take shared responsibility for delivering on our business objectives.

With a total workforce of more than 5 000 employees (and 5 000 contractors) the company continues to become one of the country's largest private sector employers.

Over 97% of the total workforce are permanent citizen employees and, thanks to ongoing efforts to ensure the advancement of women in the company, women account for just over 20% of the workforce.

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